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Below is a picture of the port wine magnolia bush I have in my backyard (scientific name Michelia figo). As you can see, it’s a dense bush shrub and grows slowly to reach a maximum height of 3m (10ft). It’s seen here next to the deep green foliage of my camelias so it’s a nice screening plant to add to your repertoire of plants. The flowers come out in spring and aren’t much to look at but the perfume is glorious. The foliage is lighter green (with hint of yellow) so it works nicely with as a highlight against dark green foliage plants. It’s a great hedge although it does take a while to get to the desired height so don’t hold your breath. Here in my backyard it’s planted in part shade but it can take full sun. It needs a well drained soil (which plant doesn’t?) and also likes to be fed with well rotted compost.port wine magnolia plant bush
port wine magnolia flower

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