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If you are planning to do lots of projects around the inside of the house and the garden, then a good work bench is your friend for life. A solid functional work bench can make your project a joy to work with whilst a badly designed one can dishearten and frustrate you. These are the plans for work benches which I've found are both functional and aestthetically pleasing.

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Space Saver Workbench Plan
A rock-solid workbench and plenty of storage are essentials in any shop. Of course, both require space, which is especially tough to find in a shop that shares the garage with cars or has to fit in a confined basement room. This work center offers a solution for both situations, with a sturdy bench that drops out of the way when no longer needed, a big storage cabinet as well to make storing all the bits and pieces a cinch.
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U-BILD Workbench & Cabinet Plan
HSturdy. Large storage cabinet and drawer. 5 ft. long by 2 ft. deep by 3 ft. tall.
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A sturdy, dependable workbench belongs at the center of every hardworking home workshop. This heavy-duty, versatile model features a pair of vises that provide a variety of ways to hold workpieces. You'll also like the knock-down construction, allowing you to easily move the bench. In addition, you can choose from two tops an indestructible laminated one, and a simpler plywood version. Both will give you years of solid service

The latest offering from Rockler - a deluxe workbench specially for your routering needs.  As seen on the popular PBS show The New Yankee workshop.  Step by step video to help you along.  Hardware kit also available to complete the job.

For work bench accessories and hardware - visit Rockler.com by clicking here. Look out for their clearance specials - real bargains for essential items for the home handyperson. Or order their free catalog by clicking here.

RocklerRockler Downdraft Work Bench Hardware Kit And Plan
Everything you need to create your own downdraft work bench just add your own wood and filters!

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Work bench plans