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Name: Iris - Dutch - Mixed Colors
Details : The Iris 'Mixed Colors', 'Iris hollandica', a fall planted bulb, are dutch iris bulbs in mixed color...More info

Name: Iris - Crystal Halo
Details : The Japanese Iris 'Crystal Halo', Iris ensata (kaempferi), is our newest Japanese Iris that is a fan...More info

Name: Iris - Ann Chowning
Details : The Iris 'Ann Chowning' has intense velvety red flowers with deep yellow signals. With a velvety tex...More info

Name: Iris - Siberian Collection
Details : The Siberian Iris Collection, 'Iris', is a collection of irises that look delicate and exotic in the...More info

Name: Iris - Alaskan Seas
Details : The German Iris 'Alaskan Seas', Iris germanica, has icy blue standards with deep sea blue falls. Als...More info

Name: Iris - Brown Lasso
Details : The German Iris 'Brown Lasso', Iris germanica, has orchid-lavender falls edged in brown with mustard...More info

Name: Iris - Dwarf - Alida
Details : The Iris 'Alida', Iris reticulata , is a tiny iris that blooms in late winter and tolerates either s...More info

Name: Iris - Fiery Temper
Details : The German Iris ''Fiery Temper', Iris germanica, has rosy purple standards with deep wine red, almos...More info

Name: Iris - Orange Harvest
Details : The German Iris 'Orange Harvest', Iris germanica, has deep purple standards with a white center and ...More info

Name: Iris - Painted Cloud
Details : The German Iris 'Painted Cloud', Iris germanica, has delicate pink with blush falls and an orange be...More info

Name: Iris - Pass the Wine
Details : The German Iris 'Pass The Wine', Iris germanica, has richly peach pink standards, deep maroon falls ...More info

Name: Iris - Pink Attraction
Details : The German Iris Pink Attraction, Iris germanica, has soft pink standards and falls with a light oran...More info

Name: Iris - Poem of Ecstasy
Details : The German Iris 'Poem of Ecstasy', Iris germanica, has peach-pink standards with smooth, deep, laven...More info

Name: Iris - Rosalie Figge
Details : The German Iris 'Rosalie Figge', Iris germanica, has slightly ruffled, deep violet-purple standards ...More info

Name: Iris - Secret Service
Details : The German Iris 'Secret Service', Iris germanica, has soft tans standards edged in rosy violet with ...More info
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