Water Fountains from Plow and Hearth

Talavera Solar Fountain
Set it up in any sunny location and enjoy the sight and sound of a self-contained and recirculating fountain ??? no wiring or plumbing required. Position the solar panel to catch the sun, and place the fountain up to 14' away ??? even indoors. Size17"L x 13-3/4"W x 17"H. Powered by the sun, our Talavera Fountain brings the soothing sounds of a water feature to your garden. Water pours from the top vessel, cascading down the colorful bowls, painted in a traditional Mexican Folk Art style that makes each fountain unique.
Item: 51929
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Pebble Fountain
Size22" dia. Simply plug the included AC adapter into any available outlet to power the fountainches Simple assembly required. Add a water feature anywhere in your yard or garden with our easy-to-install Pebble Fountainches The included reservoir holds up to 20 gallons of water and uses an integrated pump to create a fountain spray that seems to spring directly from the bed of included stones. The pump sits inside the reservoir, and the entire assembly is covered by smooth, multi-colored pebbles (included). x 17"D. Everything you need to add the fountain to your landscaping is included ??? all you need to do is dig a shallow hole for the reservoir.
Item: 51930
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Talavera Fish Water Fountain
Just the right size for tabletop use. He's cute outdoors on the patio or indoors in the kitchen. Put him anywhere!Size12"L x 6"H. Crafted of ceramic in the bright colors of a traditional Talavera technique, this electric fountain's water flows from tail to mouth in a continuous stream. Our fun Talavera Fish Fountain will make a splash wherever you put him.
Item: 51360
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Stepped Slate Solar Fountain
Powered by a solar panel/pump assembly integrated into the top tier of the fountainches Size23-1/2" sq. x 9"H. Place our Stepped Slate Solar Fountain in a sunny spot outdoors and relax to the comforting sight and sound of your very own miniature waterfall.
Item: 50975
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Water Fountains from Plow and Hearth

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