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Cat Dog and Fox Deterrent

24-hour protection against cats dogs foxes rabbits squirrel and deer.

Cat Stop Repeller

Detects cats and dogs with a battery operated motion sensor and then surprises them with a blast of ultrasonic sound

Ultrasonic Cat Chaser

Keep unwanted cats out of your garden with this inaudible ultrasonic mains powered gadget.

Two in One Pest Repeller

Make the pests in your home or garden scarper with this Two in One Pest Repeller.

Ssscat Kit

Uusing sound and a harmless spray cats will soon be conditioned to stay away from those off-limit areas

Portable Animal Chaser

This animal chaser can be set to repel dogs cats foxes squirrels deer rodents or rabbits and even insects and wasps!

Animal Chaser with Impulse Water Blaster Sprinkler

Keep flower beds vegetable patches and lawns free of pests with this animal chaser.

Live Catch Mouse Trap - Twin Pack

A safe way to rid your house of up to four mice in just one setting.

Silent Roar Cat Repeller 0.5kg

Keep those pesky pussycats out of your garden and deter them from fowling your lovely flowerbeds.

Ultrasonic Cat & Dog Repeller

Using ultrasonic sound waves the Ultrasonic Cat and Dog Repeller is an effective pet training device.

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Flower pots home>garden supplies UK>Pest Control

Pest Control

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