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Tri-Wheel Trolley

At last effortless shopping with this stair climbing Tri-Wheel Trolley! And help the environment by not using plastic bags.

Wine Bottle Caddy

No More Burst Carrier Bags with the Wine Bottle Caddy which holds 9 full sized wine or spirit bottles !

Magic Dryer Balls

Soften your clothes without conditioner save on conditioner and energy costs with the

Instant-Fit Water Conditioner

Reduce limescale build up in plumbing heating systems and appliances with the

Limescale Wizard

Save laundry and dishwasher costs with the

Gas Energy Saver

Gas Energy Saver uses less gas saving you money!

Eco-Wonder Wash Balls

Eliminate the need for expensive washing powders with the Eco-Wonder Wash Balls.

Battery Wizard

Recharge ordinary batteries and saves

Can Crusher

The Can Crusher can save you up to 80% bin space!

Clematis Plant Gift Box - Cassis

This striking Clematis plant will look gorgeous indoors or out - it arrives in a display box so makes an ideal gift too.

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Flower pots home>garden supplies UK>Innovations


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