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Wooden wishing well

plastic tub for pondI’ve always dreamt of having a wishing well in the backyard. My backyard wooden paling fence was getting pulled down to give way to a new colourbond fence so when the fencing people came to remove the old fence, I told them to save me a few panels. The old fence was made of hardwood (not the new treated pine stuff) so it would be safe to use as a wishing well.

I had this old plastic tub which used to store some sort of liquid – it was cut in half and I used to use it as a pond but I thought I would work the wishing well around it. I denailed all the palings, then used this plan, made a few modifications, and this is the result…

wishing well from wooden fence palings

Wishing well from wooden fence palings

My daughter wanted a bucket in it to ‘draw’ water – so I also built the crank with a handle. Because I used hardwood planting stakes as the handle I didn’t want to have to dig splinters out each time I used the crank, so I cut up a piece of polypipe and wrapped it around the handle. I’m very pleased with the result.

Homemade wooden wishing well

Homemade wooden wishing well

Now all I need to do is to fill the plastic tub up and add some plants and fish.

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