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Gardening bug

I can feel it coming…that irrepressible urge to do some major renovation to the garden. When my husband sees the warning signs ie the poring over gardening books and magazines, the sheets of paper used to draw vague plans, the faraway look I get as I gaze into the garden from the kitchen window…he throws his hands up in despair knowing full well to expect mess and a certain degree of chaos in the house as the garden becomes the major focus of my life :-)

This time, it’s a secluded back section of my backyard that’s in continual shade through most of the year which tends to get boggy if it rains too much (not that we’ve had a lot of it lately) but then suffers the effects of dry shade because it’s under the canopy of established trees. Currently it’s got some grass and native violets that are trying valiantly to survive but the plan is to pave over it and have some box hedges enclosing an area with a feature in the middle – I haven’t quite decided what yet – maybe a bird bath or if I feel extravagant, a cherub statue on a pedestal. Stay tuned for before and after pics. Wish me luck!

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