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If you’re any gardener at all, you would most likely agree with me that owning a greenhouse is the ultimate in the gardening pleasures. Ranks up there with a conservatorium. The colder the climate and winters you endure, the more likely that the greenhouse is something that you put on your wish list year after year until you get one. Greenhouses aren’t for everyone. It tends to be for the serious gardener – one who’s intent on potting up seedlings, creating a miniature microenvironment suitable for growing plants that you’ve always coveted but never would’ve been able to outdoors namely tropical delicacies like orchids and ferns. Some gardeners just want to be able to extend growing periods of vegetables like salad greens and tomatoes which normally would only be ‘summer’ time luxuries. Before you go headlong into buying the latest and greatest in greenhouses, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind (as it is usually a largish type investment, you want to do your homework so that you get it right and not blow the budget on things that you wouldn’t really make use of).

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