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Spring is nearly here, and when that happens the gardener in all of us just itches to come out of hibernation. With mail-order catalogs and local garden nurseries bursting with stunning varieties of plants of all kinds, why would you even bother starting plants from seed? Well for one thing, starting plants from seed is cheaper; you get more varieties to pick from; the plants you grow are more suited to your schedule; and simply put, you’ll have the satisfaction of having grown your own seedlings.

For beginners, it’s easy to get discouraged so I’d suggest you begin with fail-safe seed varieties (also great for kids to give them the gardening bug!). And it’s best to limit your varieties to under 10 (as a general rule of thumb – resist the temptation to just buy 50 or more varieties). Here are some suggestions of seeds to start with Marigolds, Zinnias, Sunflowers (good for kids because the seeds are large and easy to handle), Coleus, Basil, Nasturtium (another good one for kids – they can eat the peppery leaves later on!), Cosmos.

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