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Miniature gardens

Have you ever considered putting in a miniature garden. This example is from Canberra Australia’s Cockington Green. It’s enchanting both for adults and children alike. Model train lines run through a whole gardenscape resplendent with conifers and bonsai type plants clipped and pruned to look like real trees, bushes. Little cottages sprinkled across lawn and it brings back memories of nursery rhymes and folklore. There’s something very special about miniature gardens. Perhaps it’s all that hard work that’s put into it, or perhaps it’s a chance to look into a world in miniature where things are what they are supposed to be – innocent, unspoiled.

Note the use of slow growing small leafed plants and trees – your hydrangeas simply will not do in this garden setting!

Certainly it’s not for people who want a low maintenance garden but all that hard work is worth it – after all a garden is for ALL to enjoy and setting one up just like this would ensure that you will get all the accolades and is rewarding work indeed!

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