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Garden Hedges

I’ve just been looking at the various hedges my neighbours have put up in their gardens and noted the different ‘looks’ that can be achieved from simple rules. Naturally if you want to go with the strict no-nonsense hedging then a box hedge is the way to go and you can opt to go with the English box (which tends to be really slow growing so don’t choose this if you are impatient and want a quick effect) or with the lighter green Japanese box with the larger leaves (which also can be slow growing but I find they grow much faster than the English box). Note that faster growing also means more maintenance ie more frequent clipping. If you are a lazy gardener, then neat hedges aren’t suited for you. Opt to go more leisurely with the rounded shapes of the dwarf sacred bamboo which turns a deep red in the cold winters. Brilliant colour during those drab winter mornings!

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