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I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live totally independent of all the daily conveniences that we are so used to nowadays and to be self sustaining, so it was with great interest that I continued in the life and times of one such couple daring to baulk the trend and to attempt to attain domestic sustainability (see http://www.lintrezza.com). Their struggles and day to day adjustments in attempting to go 6 months without spending a dollar was mind boggling. This is reality TV in the flesh and a rivetting read to say the least! I admire their perseverence, their tenacity, their ingenuity and I guess deep down I wish for a similar sort of simple life. I think however, if you ask them they would say that it’s NOT simple, if only because of all the adjustments they have to make to get by.

For myself, I want to achieve semi-sustainability. I don’t think I can survive without my luxuries and I’m not sure I have the time and patience to bake everything, grow everything etc. I do harvest rain water. I re-use the rinse water from my washing machine to water the garden and I use low phosphorus detergents so that I can do this. I have contemplated using a composting toilet and to purchase an electric bicycle for those trips that are just too long to walk and too short to justify using a car (I live in a hilly area and I can peddle up some but the steeper ones I have to get off my bike to push). I think for me I just want to be able to live as organically as I possibly can and to leave this world with as little rubbish (landfill) as is possible and to leave a legacy of being ‘a gardener who tried’.

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