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Garden busy-ness

Nowadays I feel that our propensity to be ‘busy’ has reached almost epidemic proportions. It’s that deep seated feeling of guilt of (God forbid) NOT being busy that makes us feel vulnerable and dare I say it slothful? We’ve lost that whole concept of rest and enjoyment. When I go on trips with some of these ‘busy- bee’ friends of mine I find myself more exhausted on the return than I was before I went! Does that defeat the whole purpose of a holiday in the first place? These friends of mine are hell-bent on setting an itinerary for each day of the journey – ensuring that we make the most of the opportunity at hand to squeeze in ALL the sites of interest and it would appear to them that any deviation from this set pattern of holidaying would be a waste of time. So there we would be trying our best to soak in whatever atmosphere the place of interest has in the 10 minutes that we have been allocated (as per the itinerary) before being whisked off to our next destination and doing the same.

The lack of ability to just be and exist appals me. What possible memories would you have of this whirlwind type holiday except for some photos taken hastily to capture the moment? I must admit that on these whirlwind holidays I find it hard to often tally up the photos with the places I was supposed to have visited. In our day to day living has the pace gotten so frenetic that we have forgotten what it means to rest?

This frantic pace has somehow crept into all aspects of our life and it does also creep into our gardening believe it or not. When was the last time you sat down in that garden bench just to enjoy the garden and watch the butterflies? It’s a lost art and something that I feel we need to re-learn. If you haven’t done so for a while now, take time to rest, and breathe the air, savour the moment, be thankful for little blessings.

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