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Gardening lessons

Autumn fall tree color
As I garden, I realize that there are so many lessons I’ve learnt from just pottering around my little bit of heaven. It’s no wonder that Adam’s first job was a gardener. I’ve learnt patience. The fact that when you plant something, it takes time to grow. Just as with my children, I’ve learnt that every little bit invested into them counts. It may not seem like it initially. After all, of what eternal significance can wiping dirty snotty noses be? Yet as the mother of John Wesley once remarked to a well meaning stranger who noted that she was spending most of her time caring and tending to 13 young children (hats off to her!) – she said, ‘I’m not JUST wiping snotty noses, I’m building character!’. It’s all a matter of perspective and belief that what we do now counts for eternity.

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