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English Rain Barrel, Sandstone
For shipping options, please call us at 1-888-833-1412 Click here to use our Rainfall Calculator 25% Recycled Plastic Click here for more Green Products Made of 25% recycled plastic 25" diameter x 25-3/4" H Holds 40 gallons Not for drinking water use Gardener's Supply Exclusive. In England, antique "dollies" or wash tubs have found a new purpose: collecting rainwater for the garden. Our version has the charming design details of the original, including distinctive ribs that add strength as well as character. This oversize item has a $10 additional shipping charge Please note: This item cannot be shipped via standard shipping outside the lower 48 States. Barrel lid slopes inward to collect water from downspout without complicated hook-ups Lid has built-in screen to filter debris; removes for dipping watering cans; snaps in place for safety Includes 6-foot hose with thumb valve, convenient hose clip, plugs for linking or overflow control Divert water from downspout to rain barrel using the Downspout Diverter (sold separately). We've also added features to make it easier to collect and use free rainwater — your plants' favorite thirst-quencher.
Normal price $149
Sale price $99.99
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Wand Sprinkler
Even use it to shampoo the family pet! Designed for precision watering Tiny jets produce a precise spray You will receive either a green or blue wand (blue shown at left) Metal and plastic 27-1/2" L overall Sprinkler section is 20". Great for watering flats of seedlings, garden rows or windowboxes, this unique hand-held sprinkler directs 80 micro-jets of water right where water's needed. Easy pressure adjustment lets you spray everything from fragile transplants to full grown specimens.
Normal price $19.95
Sale price $9.99
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Garden Hose Cart
x 3-1/2"H. This hard-working hose cart is made of heavy-gauge, powder-coated steel with a chrome-plated crank and a comfortable handle that's easy to turn. Includes two convenient baskets for tools and watering accessories Great for washing the car or watering the garden and planters There is a $10 additional shipping charge for this item 39"L x 22-1/2"W x 41"H Simple assembly required Constructed of heavy-gauge powder-coated steel Chrome-plated crank with a comfortable handle Top basket is 23" 15-1/2" x 6"H, removable Rear basket is 14-1/2" x 6'W x 7-1/2"H Side water bottle holder: 3"dia. Four-ply 10" pneumatic tires with ball-bearing wheels roll smoothly over all kinds of terrainches A 6 ft. leader hose with swivel couplings minimizes kinks and twisting.
Normal price $129
Sale price $79.99
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Solar Irrigation Kit
This is a first—a self-contained irrigation system that waters up to 20 plants at a time using the power of the sun. No faucet hook-up or timer needed Waters plants when they need it the most—during the heat of the day Kit can deliver up to 24 gallons of water an hour Can be used with water-soluble fertilizer Solar panel can be adjusted to control flow Full sun required for best performance Easy to assemble Use any container up to 15" deep as the reservoir (not included) Kit includes: Powerful photovoltaic 4-1/2" square solar panel with adjustable easel for propping or hanging, DC pump with output nozzle and 15' cord, 75' of 1/4" diameter tubing, ten 1/2 GPH drippers, ten 1/2 GPH in-line drippers, barbed connectors, support stakes and mounting clamps. Just fill a container with water (the bigger the better, but not more than 15" deep), drop in the pump, and place the solar panel in full sunlight. The kit includes a 4" square solar panel with a 15-foot cord, a pump, 75' of 1/4" tubing, 20 drippers, barbed connectors, support stakes and mounting clamps.
Normal price $79.95
Sale price $74.99
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Fullflow Shut Off Valve
5/8" inner diameter increases water flow 45% Beefy knobs make gripping and turning easy Easy-on swivel connector attaches securely to the faucet Suitable for hot or cold water Constructed of heavy duty, non-rusting aluminum Distributors should be disconnected and stored in a protected location during freezing weather. Unlike standard 1/2" multi-flow distributors that actually reduce water flow, these have a full-size 5/8" diameter outlet ??? the same as the main spigot. Run a sprinkler while you water the garden and fill the kids' wading pool.
Normal price $9.95
Sale price $6.99
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Precision Drip Spikes, Set of 4
You can give your plants a thorough soaking before you go away for the weekend, but if they are sensitive to over-watering, they may be wilting from "drown and drought" by the time you get back.These dripper spikes ensure consistent, thorough watering. Drip reservoir has precise control of watering 11 dial-in settings that release 1/2 oz to 75 oz a day Each spike holds a standard 1- or 2-liter plastic bottle, not included Set of 4 spikes Plastic and rubber 7-1/4" H Use indoors or out.
Normal price $16.95
Sale price $4.99
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Lightweight Hose Reel
Lightweight for easy maneuverability Perfect size for patio plant watering Made of durable PVC, polypropylene and brass 50 feet of reinforced hose and 6-foot feeder hose included Not for drinking water use 11-1/2" W x 12-1/2" D x 13-1/2" H Weighs just 7 lbs.. May also be wall-mounted with included hardware. Weighs just 7 lbs. 13" H. Watering the plants on your deck or patio is a lot easier with this all-in-one compact garden hose reel. It comes complete with 50 feet of 1/2" diameter reinforced hose, solid brass fittings, watertight O-ring connections and a 6 foot leader hose.
Normal price $60
Sale price $45
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Deck and Container Watering System
System includes 50' of main tubing, 50' of feeder tubing and nine sprinkler heads. Simply position the flexible tubing around your containers and potted plants, place adjustable-flow sprinkler heads wherever you want them, and connect hose to spigot. In 30 minutes or less, you can set up this system to water all the pots on your deck or patio. Irrigation kit saves water and keeps patio plants healthy Perfect for deck and patio gardening Water automatically by adding an Easy Dial Water Timer 50' of 1/2" main tubing; 50' of 1/4" feeder tubing; 9 sprinkler heads and accompanying hardware Complete instructions included.
Normal price $59.95
Sale price $44.99
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50' Coil Hose
Lightweight and easy to use 50-foot length retracts to just 36 inches! Made of UV-stabilized 100% polyurethane Withstands water pressure to 300 PSI Forest green color. The hose stretches to follow your movements, then automatically rebounds into a neat coil for easy storage. 1/2" diameter. Made of rugged UV-protected polyurethane with machined brass ends. With our lightweight coiling garden hose, you???ll never again have to struggle with tangled hoses.
Normal price $39.95
Sale price $35.99
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Wind-Resistant Sprinkler
Most sprinklers shoot water high into the air where it quickly evaporates or gets blown off course by the wind. Low-arc sprinkler uses 25% less water Adjustment knob lets you fine-tune spray pattern to minimize overspray Works with high or low water pressure Plastic, aluminum and metal 18" L x 7" W; watering bar is 13" L 20 spray jets Covers up to 3800 square feet. A control knob lets you fine-tune the coverage area to spray just where you want it to further conserve this precious resource — no more overspray that wastes water on the driveway or the road. This innovative sprinkler applies water at a lower arc, so more water reaches plants and less is lost to evaporation and wind.
Normal price $39.95
Sale price $29.99
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