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Fall foliage drives and tours - check out the fall color report at your various states- click here.  Book your accomodation early to avoid disappointment.

I've decided to list as many gardens that I think will bring you inspiration to turn your little patch into a haven for yourself and others alike.  Draw inspirations from the natural beauty of State Forests and the delicious offerings from gardens of various genres and eras and build your own pallette to paint from when you take it home with you.  Just be wary that if you are travelling interstate to visit these gardens, then you may have to limit yourself to just living with the memories (and photos) as some of the trees and plants that are flourishing there may not fare as well in your own little microclimate.  Still, a garden is a garden and it's always time well spent away from the harried existence that is called life.

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Garden conservancy Open Garden Scheme

This list showcases all the gardens which are open to the public under the Garden Conservancy Scheme. One of America's greatest contemporary plantsmen, Frank Cabot, founder of the Garden Conservancy, put it this way, in the April 2005 issue of Fine Gardening:

"The best gardeners are the best plagiarists; they adapt other people's ideas to their own setting. That's what it's all about. You can learn something from almost any garden.".

The Garden Conservancy is one of several national organizations that are on a mission to get more Americans visiting gardens. One of the Conservancy's most successful initiatives has been its Open Days program, which is similar to England's Open Garden Scheme. More than 450 private gardens around the country now participate in the program, opening their doors to the public one day each year. Last year, there were 65,000 Open Days garden visits between April and October.

Flower pots home > gardening articles > garden tours

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