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Living quarters for the bird population in your backyard. Help the local birdlife by adding a birdhouse or two to your garden. Keep them positioned away from neighbourhood cats and set them up where they are visible for you to enjoy as well. These lovely ones I've picked from the catalog of Wildwood Designs (which have an extensive range of do it yourself plans for an assortment of wooden things).Click here to see their full catalog.

The cat's out of the bag...This unusual birdhouse would definitely stand out as a whimsical addition to your backyard. Built specially to attract bluebirds.

Set of 2 - birdhouse and bird feed plans. Quaint and a great talking point for your visitors.

Build this decorative birdhouse and you will have a work of art in your very own backyard!

How's this for unique and challenging? Build these 3 birdhouses and a birdfeeder all from the one set of plans.

The Original Birdhouse Book
This book helps you provide bed and board to your feathered friends!
Price : $11.95

Birdhouse Kit
Building a birdhouse is a fun way to introduce young children to woodworking!
Price : $12.99

Building the Ultimate Birdhouse Vol. 1
Learn the art of creating natural looking birdhouses.
Price : $29.95
Sale : $15.99

Flower pots home>garden structures plans

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