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Wanting to enjoy the great outdoors but can't because of the cold? Backyard fireplaces are the answer! Backyard fireplaces add warmth and a cosy ambience to your outdoor experience and can extend your entertaining hours into the night. They can come in the form of ornately shaped Chimeneas or a lamp like addition. Just let the flames take you to a magical wonderland!

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Distinguish your backyard with this lovely glass enclosed fireplace. Innovative use of corn as fuel. Simply pour hearth fuel into the chamber and light. Watch the flames dancing on glowing ceramic logs. Includes FREE fireplace cover.

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Backyard fireplaces in natural stone are attractive and functional. Designed to burn wood to provide that lovely nostalgic ambience to your backyard.

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Keep the home fires burning with this backyard fireplace which can double up as a barbeque too! Durable cast iron construction with wheels for mobility.

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Watch the fires burn from all sides of this chimney style fireplace. Painted steel frame with a large hinged door, this backyard fireplace is an asset to any backyard setting. Try burning pinion wood which has bug repelling properties.

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Traditional Mexican Chimenea made of cast iron makes for a glorious backyard fireplace. Long lasting heat retention means you can enjoy your dining experience late into the night. FREE log grate included!

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